the proposal…

You may have heard of this movie – Sandra Bullock plays an unconvincing Canadian boss bitch who heads a NYC publishing firm and is about to lose her visa.  To avoid being deported, she forces her assistant Ryan Reynolds to marry her.  Rotten Tomatoes gives it a 43%, and I have to say I disagree.  Now, this brings me to much more serious question… why do I disagree?  Is my life so boring lately that this fairly terrible movie did not force me to quit streaming on Netflix?  Was it just because it was “free” that I watched the whole thing?  Or was it because I was in a slight martini fuzz in a slightly over-hot bubble bath that I watched, and dare say, enjoyed the whole thing?  Yes, it was predictable.  Yes, there was a lack of character development, but as the credits wrapped up, I found myself clicking the button “More Like This” only to be dissatisfied with the other options they provided.  Where have all the good rom-coms gone?  I feel I’m due a truly good one.

I’m thinking something along the lines of Great Expectations, yet again to my objection, Rotten Tomatoes gives this particular movie a lousy 39% claiming that “the film’s execution is more of a tragedy than the story.”  Suit yourself RT.  I then say I’m ready for something else like One Fine Day, which again, Rotten Tomatoes gives a 43% to – lamentable!  Is it my taste we’re questioning here?  I will give the site one more try to check out a renowned Oscar-winner and overall gem: Ghost.  Fine.  80%.  Apparently you cannot fight two Oscars.  So, it is my taste that sucks.

I’ve been told this on several occasions – people who flip through my rather-large library of DVDs and say things like, “Wow!  They actually put this one on DVD?”  I guess I will just have to live with the fact that I have terrible taste in movies.  C’est la vie.  Please let me know if you have any rom-com (that’s romantic comedy) recommendations, good or otherwise, because as we’ve learned, I’ll probably enjoy it, good reviews or not.


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