So, three years ago I adopted two little snots (don’t get me wrong – I love these dudes) from KittyKind.  This morning my old roommate, Lauren, who lived with me and the boys for two of our three years together, sent me this passage from their site:

i can't help myselfWe always place kittens in pairs: Why? Because kittens play together, sleep together, and keep each other company while you are at work all day long. When kittens have each other to roughhouse with, they are less likely to break or chew things, attack or bite you when they play, or keep you up all night. Basically, they teach each other manners and keep each other out of trouble.”

Lies.  Lauren’s words.  And she’s right.  In fact, it just makes everything in your home twice as likely to get broken, chewed, clawed, etc.  It makes your mornings twice as noisy and your homecomings twice as messy.  Don’t forget the litter box and the catfood bills – these are twice as much as well.

Now, that being said, cats are the funniest little guys around… and this is coming from a dog person.  I got cats because I love to have animals in my home and am not around enough to have a dog.  (And, of course hamsters, bunnies, and fish did not prove to have the longest life spans and I was starting to get a complex).  But, at the end of the day, you still have to be around for cats, too.  Animals of all kinds like to have their people around, or they have a tendency to get edgy.  They knock glasses over, drag ass on the carpet, and rip your couch to shreds.  So, do not be fooled – KittyKind is overwhelmed with cats and they’re trying to move these babies out the door!

That being said, if your considering letting two adorable kittens into your home, they can be twice the fun as well.  Watching them interact with each other and develop two completely different personalities is one of the most entertaining things you can get yourself into.

Plus, you can always dress them up to get them back…


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