cause now i’m a creeper

At the risk of truly embarrassing myself, I weighed my options, and this one is too good to keep to myself.

With the way my room is set up, my bed looks across at my desk, where my laptop usually resides, plugged into a bigger screen.   A certain gentleman friend, who shall remain nameless (though I can’t imagine he will read this anyway), was over, and we had just finished watching a movie, so screens were on. (Both of them, of course, because I love watching things in double vision these days – What screen to look at? Either one I say!) At this point, said friend was getting ready to leave, and as I was leaning against my headboard, he was sitting on the edge of the bed, facing me saying “adios”.  It was at this point, that slightly-not-sober-Sarah realized that somehow my computer had put up a Photo Booth Screen Saver. For those of you not familiar with Photo Booth, it is an Apple application that allows one to take pictures of oneself (or whatever) with one’s computer and put it into an array of finishes, say, sepia, distorted, Warhol, and in this favorite moment, Comic Book. When I first got my computer, I took quite a few (not gonna lie, like 60) pictures of silliness. Me. My cats. My roommate and me. More me. When I first noticed my computer betraying me, it was zooming in on this gem:

Because it just doesn't work without the image...

Because it just doesn't work without the image...

In a bit of a stupor, I knew he could not turn around, because if he did, he would see two of these HUGE images (like I said, double vision) zooming in on I believe at that point, my teeth, and I must imagine his first reaction would be fear.  I kept his attention on me, and as soon as it changed to a less haunting image, I jumped up and woke the computer.  He wanted to know what he had missed, but of course, I wasn’t offering up any information.

Ugh.  So not graceful.


1 Response to “cause now i’m a creeper”

  1. 1 Emily May 12, 2009 at 9:17 am

    What. A. Gem.


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