oh what a night

Almost december. 2008. Actually Saturday, October 15th to be exact- I’ll paint the picture and this particular picture is gonna start at the 24 hour pharmacy, 2:30am.

Hello? You good sir? This here is my red haired roommate (who shall remain nameless) and she appears to have lice. (Yes, yes. You heard me. Lice. And, yes again, she is 23. She escaped her entire youth and teenage years without a bug in her hair, and now this happens.) You want to have a looksie?

rid that shit.

Oh. Well. Maybe you could just explain what you saw.

See that’s the thing… there weren’t that many, but they appear to be small and dark and they also seem to have legs, or that is how they get around? What do you think we should do here? Should I wash my hair with this stuff as well even though I don’t have them? Yadda yadda more quasi-medical talk here.

Yes. Yes you should. What is that you say? You have cats? Two of them?

And thus began the long night. Flash forward to every man’s fantasy. Or, many men’s fantasy at the very least. Two girls mostly naked jus washin’ each other’s hair. All I’ve got to say, is Oh What a Night (and it just so happens that we played it on repeat). Also, it might have been nice if I had remembered it was Saturday night and not walked out of the house in a sweat suit. Or whatever.

Just your typical Saturday night at the Spencer/Remaining Nameless household.oh what a night

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