hot mess

So I have recently gotten into this little show called 30 Rock. I say “little show” because this always seems to happen to me… Perhaps it’s that I don’t actually have a TV, or maybe it’s just that I’m no pro at keeping up on current events but, I always seem to hop on board late, read, 30 Rock is now on it’s third season, in case you didn’t get the memo yet either. If you haven’t seen the show, you should invest at least as many hours as I have, because it’s pretty dang funny.

Back on point, there is one episode in season one (remember, I’m catching up) where Liz Lemon, played by Tina Fey, showcases her disorganized, somewhat pathetic lifestyle. It’s one of these things where the viewer is supposed to watch on and think, ooo maybe a bit endearing, no?, but also ERM! I’m quite glad I’m not in her shoes! Tina Fey (who I incidentally respect highly as a person and dare I say role model?, but not always as a character) is probably not nearly this much of a mess in her real life, but it’s fun to watch her play Lemon in a very Meet The Parents-painful kind of way. In this particular episode, she gets lettuce in her hair. Twice. I laughed and thought to myself, well! at least I’m doing better than that! Or not. Two days later, I was drying off in the shower, looking down at the drain, and there it was. A tender piece of arugula sitting over the strainer. Oh My God. Am I a hot mess? Don’t answer that.


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