two black eyes and a swollen throat…

If you could only see me now.  I just finished up with my tonsillectomy, etc. yesterday… you know where they go in and scoop out your tonsils.  It’s just that, typically you want to be about three years old when you go through this surgery.  They say kids go home after the surgery and are eating toast by nightfall.  I’m still at the point, the day after, where the very thought of toast makes me cringe.

That being said, in addition to taking my tonsils, they also “reduced” some stuff in my nose, cleaned some stuff out of my ears, and took something that sounds like androids out of my throat.  I guess you could call it a quadruple whammy.  Today I’m left with a throat so sore it gives swallowing a whole new meaning, not to mention my now-huge, swollen nose with what the industry calls a mustache bib (gauze taped under my nose) and two slightly black eyes.  Did I leave out the little trail of blood that dried oozing out of my ear?

Scrumptious, right?  Well, here’s the thing for those of you looking to have the procedure done.  It’s not all bad.  First, there are drugs, and the drugs are good.  What doesn’t make you sick to your stomach is all first class stuff.  Then, there is the attention.  You get to soak it all up for three days at least.  And of course, by three, I clearly mean eleven.  My family has been the best, and I got to skip a few things I didn’t want to go to.  I have the perfect excuse to lay around all day long and watch movies and read.  And now, I have no excuse not to start this blog here.  Last of all, there is the weight loss.  You could say this is the perfect jump-start diet.  No food.  Ten days.  Skinny jeans beware.


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