i’m a cuckoo

So here’s the story.  I made this quick little sketch a few weeks ago.  It is a typewriter that prints out the saying, “write something everyday.”  (I realize it is backwards for you).  Now, I don’t know if I did this sketch while drunk or what, but there is surely a smiley face in it.  I did this to inspire me to write, and now I just have this off-kilter, smug dude mocking me in my own house.  It was my mother who first pointed it out to me.  She was visiting me in New York and she simply said, “you do realize that typewriter is grinning?”  Ugh!  So that is how he is mocking me!

Anywho, I don’t know if it turns out to be a good thing or not, but here I am.  Writing.  Hopefully something every day.  Or so.  I also am launching a magazine –> more on this later.  Between the two (more like four) ventures, there is plenty of writing to be done.  I figure, the more I practice, the better I become.  So, come one, come all.  Read my jibberish.


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